June 20, 2016: Legos Aus Deutschland


Today was a first for my Lego Minifig collection – I received an order of minifigures that were made exclusive to Germany! 

…and also Austria and Switzerland, but either way – a considerable drive for me… 😛

These (European) football-loving fellows are from the special series that Lego designed in coordination with the German National Football team, kind of similar to the set that they did a few years ago to celebrate the 2012 Olympics in London. It’s neat that they’re doing special runs like this because I think it adds a bit of local flair to the collection – the only trouble is that it makes them that much more difficult for those of us on the other side of the pond here to collect!

Truth be told, the Team GB (olympics) and DFB (soccer) sets are just about the only ones that I have left at the moment, alongside Mr. Gold who’s gonna have to wait until I can spare a mortgage payment or two for him, and two lone minifigs from the regular series – Bunny Suit Guy (series 7) and Aladdin (Disney) – that I just haven’t gotten around to ordering yet. Of course, it doesn’t help that the overseas minifigs tend to run pricier because they’re in hotter demand … for example, I picked up the cheaper 8 of the DFB series for about $40 and I would expect that the remaining 8 will cost me maybe double or triple that. 😯

Still, they’re fun to collect and honestly not super expensive if you just deal with a series at a time … figure that I’ve been collecting them now since 2011-ishand when I started they were on Series 3 or 4. Now five years later there are a total of 21 series of Collectible Minifigs if you count the numbered and non-numbered series together…

That’s a grand total of 332 Lego Minifigures!

And right now I’m at 94% … or 312 of them to date. 🙂

With 20 left to go, aside from Mr. Gold I figure I should be done with Team GB, DFB, and the random strays just in time for Series 16 to hit the shelves this fall, which should have some cool ones like the Spy and Banana Suit Guy that I’m already looking forward to.

All in all, I figure that my existing wall display can accommodate another 4 series total, including the second set of Disney minifigs that I figure is all but inevitable after we got two for The Simpsons. After that, I’ll have to make some changes – at the very, I can add another row of baseplates to stave off another year or two, which will hopefully cover things until we buy a bigger house and by then maybe I’ll decide to go with an entirely different layout altogether!

Who knew that five years ago just a few random minifigs on my desk would evolve into all of this?! 😀

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