July 5, 2016: Sweet Home Exhaustion

Yesterday was a very late night … I don’t think I was climbing into bed to chow down on my giant cinnamon roll from Gaston’s until almost four o’clock in the morning! 😯

Still, despite my aches and pains today because good god, am I out of shape + this kid is getting heavy!, I can’t deny that it was a fun impromptu trip and we’re definitely glad that Christopher was able to get in some quality Titi time … and so were we, obviously. 😉

Things have been kind of chaotic around the house lately because even though Sara is officially off work now in full preparation for the growing of twin babies and all, it seems like the extra time of having her around hasn’t really had a chance to sink in yet. Maybe it’ll get next better next week because her various doctor’s appointments tend to pile up together and this week just happens to be a real bad week for them … I don’t know.

It probably also doesn’t help that she’s trying to adjust the kid’s schedule to something that’s a wee bit more reasonable for a toddler, and also potty train him to boot … although already I’m not quite sure if he’s ready for potty training just yet. We’ve got enough other things to worry about this summer than cleaning piss out of the carpets every day and a half! Just between you and me, I think if we can manage to get naptime under control and otherwise stay out of Dad’s hair so that I can get a ton of work done, that would end up being a pretty good July in my book… 😛

Luckily this week is a short week anyways after the 4th, and I don’t know how we got to halfway through the year already, but here we are! It’s crazy to think that right now my wife is something like 20 weeks pregnant with our next children … and that the doctor says she probably feels like she’s about 30 weeks! … and that really in only about four months now, we’re going to see our world turned upside down all over again.

I’m not ready for it at all right now, but then again, I suppose I wasn’t really ready for it two years ago, either.

…at least I’ve got a good therapist now to help me through the rough patches, and I should still have some leftover Vicodin laying around here somewhere as a backup plan!

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