July 6, 2016: Going Postal


I think it’s probably about time that I broke down and invested in one of those little electronic scales so that I can just print my own postage from home…

Now by no means could it be said that I “live out in the middle of nowhere,” but for some reason the area where I live still doesn’t have a normal post office so much as it has one of these contracted post office thingies where you can technically still do most everything you can do at the post office, but it’s actually a local business instead of a government office so they can impose stupid rules like “You must pay in cash for anything less than $3!” or “We don’t have one of those self-service machines in the lobby so that you don’t have to interact with a human being at all if you don’t want to!”

I’ve had to make post office runs more often than usual lately because I started selling off my duplicate Lego Minifigs once again to make way for more toys, and unfortunately sometimes that means making the drive for one single package that’s only a couple of bucks worth of postage. So it becomes a pain on numerous levels because a) I have to remember to make time to go during business hours because I can’t use self-service options like a normal post office has, and b) like today, when I had to buy two otherwise useless stamps just to get my total above the $3 threshold so that I could actually pay with my card. 😛

Seriously, what am I supposed to do with two extra stamps when on average, aside from mailing out Legos, I use roughly zero stamps in a given month?!

I guess it just means that eventually one of my buyers is going to get an envelope that’s covered with Forever stamps instead of the neat, printed barcode postage … that is, if I even manage to keep track of them for that long.

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