December 23, 2016: The Great Christmas Light Fight

Particularly because we don’t get to see the Osborne Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios anymore, and possibly also because I really fell short with putting up my own lights this year, but I just started watching ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight this evening and, well, WOW!!!

This year’s garage-only display aside, I used to think that I’ve done some pretty impressive light displays over the years, especially at my Mom’s house where I’ve be up on the roof in September to try and get my lights up before the first snowfall which typically beat Halloween, yet after watching a couple of episodes of this crazy spectacle it’s clear that my game is nowhere near the level of “impressive” compared to these guys – not until I’ve constructed multiple storage sheds to keep my decorations in during the off-season…

Or purchased a train to drive around my property to check out the lights.

Or even a boat turned Christmas pirate ship!!!

I would even go as far as to argue that some of the displays on this show would even give Disney a run for their money, between the animatronics and the giant archways and the even giant-er jumbotrons used to display video during their shows … one family even turned their entire house into a giant screen!

Seriously, this is the kind of thing Disney World should be doing somewhere on their property, especially because the show is already on ABC and the tie-ins would be easy enough. I already wrote about how their temporary show, Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM, was just Jingle Abysmal … but here is one example after another about ordinary families, admittedly with incredible lawns and no doubt extra-large electricity bills, doing truly amazing things with their holiday light displays.

Really, that was always the story behind Jennings Osborne, too – it’s just sad that the real estate in the park had to be repurposed for other means because outside of Christmastime it was incredibly underused.

But could Disney build sort of a residential street, part 2 somewhere else to continue on the incredible lighting tradition??? I’ve heard suggestions of Epcot before, though it’s hard for me to picture a good place for them, but something’s got to be possible because I just watched a couple hours of these guys doing the impossible and frankly, that’s right up Disney’s alley, too! 😉

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