December 21, 2016: That Which Once Was Broken…

Kids are why we can’t have nice things around here, I tell ya!!!¬†ūüėĮ

On the left, we see Exhibit A – formerly known as Matthew’s 1st Christmas Ornament that we picked up for him while we were on vacation, broken less than 24 hours after we returned home¬†because¬†apparently¬†Disney’s Christmas ornaments aren’t up to being¬†tossed across the room in a fit of rage when one’s older brother is told not to play with them.

Who’d have thunk that one?!

So now with Christmas only a few days away, we ended up taking a very impromptu trip¬†back over to Disney Springs¬†in hopes of not only finding a replacement ornament, but also that we could get it personalized the same night. And we did … thankfully luck was in our favor and they had an entire shelf still, so we dropped it off and then ran to get some dinner while Disney’s presumed sweatshop of ornament personalization artists behind the locked doors of¬†365 Days of Christmas¬†scribbled out¬†2016¬†and¬†Matthew¬†on these sentimental ears with better penmanship than I’ve ever had…

For what it’s worth,¬†I was SO MAD when Christopher broke that thing, too.

He had grabbed one off the counter while I was trying to feed the twins and knowing how he has a tendency to throw things away when we tell him he’s not supposed to play with something, I cautiously asked him to bring it to me instead … but he wasn’t having any of it. When I finally got up and slowly began to approach him, as soon as he realized what I was coming for, it was too late, and I swear I almost watched that ornament¬†fly through the air in slow motion¬†as he flung it overhand in the direction of the kitchen tile before bracing for the inevitable spanking that was soon to follow.

It’s the first time I’ve ever¬†seriously¬†spanked him, and it still totally didn’t work worth a damn, but that’s a blog post for another day. For now, Christmas has been saved and we can proceed forward with finding tiny, circular photos to feature in each of these adorable, matching baby ornaments for the twins …¬†as long as we put them well out of Christopher’s reach on the tree immediately afterwards.

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