December 20, 2016: Frosty the Snowman … Was Creepily Missing His Eyes

I suppose that’s what we get for electing Donald Trump and his pro-fossil fuel agenda, huh? 😉

Sara found these neat holiday door decorations at Target about a month ago and we proceeded to promptly lose them until just the other day when we finally said, “Hey, Christmas is almost here – maybe we should put this up!”

Now the question is simply whether or not Christopher will allow it to stay up until Santa himself pops in for a visit this weekend and honestly at this point, it could really go either way. For what it’s worth, the missing eyes weren’t necessarily his fault – he can’t even reach that high without first scaling the entertainment center, which he’s getting better at doing every day – but instead because apparently the adhesive that came with said googly eyes kind of sucked, so I had to pick up an alternative while I was out at the store earlier this evening.

By the time I actually post this, rest assured that Frosty probably will have regained his eyesight, even if he’s managed to lose some of his buttons in the process!

What can I say? The kid likes circles and if he’s willing to call them out by name as he’s stealing them, I’m not really sure how bad the theft really is in the grand scheme of things.

Poor snowman is likely to melt before the year is through, anyways – this ain’t New York or Michigan where an afternoon spent building a good, quality snowman will serve you well until the Easter Bunny comes to town! 😛

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