April 2, 2017: While Babes Sleep


There’s probably a limit for how long you’re allowed to take a break from following your passions. For me, anyways, it looks like that limit falls just a hair over three months … judging from my last Thing-a-Day post here on New Year’s Eve! 😉

I’ve done a bit of writing here and there, but for the most part it’s lacked direction and that’s something that I think is ok for a while, but I’m ready to start working on something new.

I need to start working on something new.

Which is scary because lately I’ve approached new projects with plenty of nervous hesitation, namely on account of having very limited free time and not wanting to turn my back on some of the other ones that I already started years ago. Still, when you’ve gone so long without that motivation often it can be a fresh project with new ideas to pursue that can help break you out of a funk that’s been holding you back, shackled to those older, safer ideas that admittedly weren’t necessarily going anywhere anymore…

I’m not entirely ready to make those decisions or announce anything, but I’m actively brainstorming and this seemed as good of a place as any to kick off such a process. 🙂

One of the things that really appealed to me last year when I started Thing-a-Day was the idea of telling stories from my own life without the pressure of being funny. I liked having a space to be able to just write about the stresses of having two babies in the NICU or reflecting on my continuing journey of learning how to be a father. Beyond all of the bizarre tales that have become nearly 500 humor columns over nearly the last two decades, I think I’ve got some good stories to tell about life in general, and other things that I’ve grown passionate about, lessons learned, etc, etc…

So rather than start working on “my memoirs” which seems just a tad trite at the ripe, old age of *36*, I’m working on putting together a new creative project that will give me a larger space to share some of these types of thoughts in a way that will hopefully be inviting for other people to want to read! I’m still fuzzy on the frequency or even the range of topics that I want to entertain … right now I’m still at a very high level concept phase, but you can probably expect that I’ll use Thing-a-Day here for the next week or so exploring some of those ideas…

…even if it just looks like I’m sharing overdue stories about playing with my kids… 😛

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