August 24, 2016: Silver Lining Sunsets

Being the antisocial recluse that I am, I tend to be glued to the computer during the evening hours when the sun is setting and glued to my bed during that rumored sunrise that I’ve heard good things about, so I suppose you could say that a rather unexpected silver lining to these daily visits to see my wife in the hospital is that I’ve gotten to witness beautiful sunsets like this for the past couple of days.

Also, as someone astutely pointed out to me today – twin babies born this year will mean twin tax deductions come next spring, so there’s also that to look forward to!

…aside from the twins themselves, I suppose… 😛

Today was definitely an easier day, even though at the moment I feel like I’ve pretty much run out of steam and am about ready to crash into the great blue wonder that is my awkwardly empty bed. Thankfully Christopher has been really good at sleeping and napping for me at this point, so he was out not long at all after we got back home about half an hour ago.

I was “telling him” on our drive today that the route we take brings back memories of the same path that his Mom and I took about three years ago for the three weeks that he lived in the NICU at the same hospital where Sara now rests today. It’s strangely familiar, yet I think that’s one way that it’s a bit easier because despite all of the struggles in the meantime, I know that we were super pleased with the care that both she and Christopher got there a few years ago, so I know that when we reluctantly walk out the door at the end of the night and I have to push a crying toddler down the hall who doesn’t want to leave his mommy, at least we’re leaving her in good hands.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to know that financially we’ve officially exceeded the out-of-pocket maximum with our health insurance, so she can stay there for the next month if she needs to and it isn’t going to cost us a dime!!!

It’s sad that amid all of this stress and uncertainty, one has to even think about something like that, but that my friends, is a healthcare rant for another day. Goodnight…

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