Apr 6, 2016: Trampoline!

It’s not hard to see why kids are always getting themselves into trouble for jumping on the bed when to your average toddler, a king-size bed is pretty much the perfect trampoline.

Granted, I’m probably not helping the situation by repeatedly tossing him up into the air so that he can plummet with laughter into its comforting softness over and over again, but hey – maybe I’m just living vicariously through the two year-old at this point because it would take Andre the Giant to toss me into the air and I’m pretty sure jumping on the bed myself would result in hitting my head on the ceiling … or at the very least, clipping the ceiling fan… 😛

Seriously, between Christopher and the dog, our bed is basically a makeshift playground, seeing as it’s the first place Cleo runs to greet each of us when we come in the door … mostly because it puts her closer to our level but also because the bed at least gives us a fighting chance when she’s jumping up in an excited, you’ve been gone forever!-style dog frenzy and the best you can do is cower into the pillows and wait for the worst to pass.

In other news, our new neighbors apparently have a trampoline in their backyard, as we’ve noticed because so far they seem to make use of it roughly 23 hours a day. Maybe they made the right choice because unlike our pool, you don’t spend eight months out of the year wishing that your trampoline was warm enough to use. But then again, I don’t see them taking a bottle of wine out to their trampoline to enjoy surrounded by 102-degree bubbling waters after the kids have gone to bed, either.

That could be simply because none of them sleep and instead just jump and talk and never go inside in their suburban backyard that is exceedingly too close to my own … but I suppose that’s a rant for another day. 😕

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