Apr 3, 2016: Bark Park


Against my better judgement, today I took both dog and child to the park for a bit of running around … all by myself!

Admittedly, a big part of it was self-serving just to get away from house for a while because apparently our new neighbors have this thing about spending pretty much all of their time out in the backyard, and they’re very loud about it, but it also never hurts to actually give Cleo a chance to run around and burn off some of her pent up energy. 

One day, I vow that we will have a house that actually has a backyard … though unfortunately it’s not something we can pull together nearly fast enough. 

Surprisingly I honestly spent more time keeping an eye on Christopher than Cleo, namely because he had this thing about wanting to do kisses with every dog he met and he didn’t quite get that all of the other dogs weren’t necessarily as nice as his was…

Plus, I didn’t want him picking up any poop and deciding unceremoniously that it was his new favorite toy!

They both did good, though. Cleo was at times a bit protective of Christopher when other dogs would play too close, which I actually kind of liked to see. She got a chance to run around, but still had a job to keep her from getting into it too much with the other dogs. 

Of course, the one downside of going to that park is that everyone came home completely filthy from all of the dirt, but thankfully dirt washes off and both were still fairly exhausted when bedtime finally rolled around… 😉

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