Apr 19, 2016: Homemade Cherry Coke


I’d forgotten just how addicting soda can be!

This week I’ve consumed more than I would probably care to, mostly because I’m still coming off of my cold and it’s something simple that I’ve been enjoying, but also because I finally figured out how to make Cherry Coke the right way that used to be a lot harder to find than apparently it is… 😯

Specifically, what I like is Cherry Coke made with cherry syrup.

This is how the Coke Freestyle machines do it … even though the only known machine near me always seems to be out of cherry … and there’s an awesome ice cream shop over at Disney World – Beaches & Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort – that makes sodas this way with even cherries garnished on top!

So because only these two places do it right, I don’t feel too bad splurging when I’m around. Earlier this week I tried getting Olive Garden to put some grenadine from their bar in a Coke like I do when I order rum & cokes, and they did, but it still wasn’t nearly sweet enough to matter…

…until I was randomly wandering through Publix and found that you can just buy cherry syrup off the shelf in the ethnic section!!! 😀

The label says that it’s mainly used for flavoring shaved ice, but it works great for making what I can only assume is an ultra-high calorie Cherry Coke that has led this guy to downing three or four glasses of the stuff in a single evening.

Did I mention that I gave up drinking soda altogether several years ago and for the most part haven’t looked back???

Well, it’s a good thing that this bottle of syrup and the six-pack of Coke that I bought are almost gone because right now I’m looking back and baby, do those calories taste oh-so-sweet… 😉


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