Apr 25, 2016: Reading Is Fundamental

This is one scene around the house that I never get tired of seeing!

Even if he isn’t really so much as talking yet, Christopher seems to love flipping through books, whether they’re these big picture books meant to help him learn words or even just regular story books. I was always very much into reading growing up, so it’s neat to randomly look over when the house has suddenly fallen eerily quiet and find him not getting into something that he shouldn’t, but instead just quietly sitting amongst a pile of toys, a huge stack of books sitting nearby that he’s just systematically going through one by one.

I think that some of my favorite books to read with him right now are admittedly the picture books because it’s awesome to be able to actively see how much he’s absorbing and learning as we alternate between my calling out the various pictures as he points to them and then me asking where a certain picture is and waiting for him to find it. It just amazes me how despite a lack of spoken words, he’s still picking up on colors and animals and characters and even modes of transportation … I have a feeling when we actually get this kid into school in a couple of years, he’s going to pretty much be blowing my mind on a regular basis… 😀

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