Apr 13, 2016: Wasps?! Why Did It Have to be Wasps???


When I discovered earlier today that the AC in my house wasn’t working, a lot of things went through my head…

For a brief, deluded period I wondered if I could actually fix it myself.

Then I wondered if this was going to turn into my very expensive lesson for not renewing our home warranty again last year.

But as to the actual cause of my air conditioning woes, if there’s one thing that I didn’t really anticipate – it was wasps building a nest around the wires inside of the air condenser/compressor thingy that sits outside in the backyard.

I’d like to think that expensive, electrical devices like that are built with some sort of protection against invaders from the animal and insect kingdoms … but now that I think about it, I look out my bathroom window to see tiny lizards doing it on that thing every single day. Maybe it was only a matter of time before some sort of creature decided, “This mess of electrical wires seems just as good a place as any to build our new home!”

Thankfully, the kind AC repairman that I found was well-versed in dormant wasp nest removal and as soon as he knocked that little sucker free, the thing whirred right up like there’d never been a wasp nest messing up its works in the first place. Plus, the whole thing only cost me like $75, which is considerably less than the cost of my old home warranty or a brand new AC unit altogether.

Big ups to Steve from Air 4U for exterminating my AC problems before my pregnant wife even made it home to notice!!!

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