Apr 12, 2016: Special Delivery

For those of you who’ve been following along with the crisis on Twitter … yes, my furniture did finally arrive!

I know, I know – it’s just a bench – but in my defense, it really brings the room together, and it gives me a place to tie my shoes because my bed is really tall, and most importantly – we ordered the thing like a month and a half ago.¬†

Closure is a positive motivator! ūüėČ

I always hate waiting around for delivery and service peoples to come to the house because it seems like just the most unproductive way that I can possibly spend my day. If I try to start working on something, they’ll show up as soon as I really get into it and if I wait patiently, they’ll hold off until two minutes before the end of the scheduled window and then be here for hours…

Of course, I suppose the logical way to¬†play their game¬†would be to start on something¬†just to trigger their early arrival,¬†but I’m not sure if it’s that simple or if delivery schedulers have already thought of that clever workaround to their sophisticated waiting game. Thankfully with today’s delivery just being¬†one stupid, little bench,¬†said drop-off took all of about¬†five minutes¬†and they were on their way.

The only real delay was the first two hours that I sat waiting when apparently I heard my wife say that the delivery window¬†started at 12:15pm¬†when it really didn’t start until¬†2:15pm¬†… but that’s not really something I can hold¬†them¬†accountable for, anyways… ūüėõ

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