Apr 1, 2016: Is That a Shark???


“Never look a gift shark in the mouth.”

“A shark on your roof is worth two in the sea.”

“Some days you just can’t get rid of a shark!”

A lot of things went through my head when I was driving home this evening and saw this building that appeared to have a shark coming through the roof. Well, not a lot … really just the one thought, looking back on the matter…

If the goal was to make me double-take, then triple-take, then giggle with glee as I crossed over three lanes of traffic to do a u-turn so that I could snag a photo of this magnificent scene to share with the Internet, then putting a shark on their business’s roof did its job top notch!

If the goal was to get my attention and then cause me to actually spend money at said business … well, it ended up being a carwash and I didn’t really want one, not to mention it wouldn’t have been all too responsible of me to get a carwash through the Jaws ride with my toddler son asleep in the backseat … that’s the kind of thing that’ll bring those swim classes of his to a screeching halt in a hurry! 😯

Nonetheless, sharks on rooftops aren’t the kind of thing we normally see around here. Maybe on I-Drive over in Orlando, along with their upside-down buildings and creepy skeleton museums, but not here in the suburbs. Not that I wouldn’t mind a few more animals on our rooftops – maybe that’s what this city needs to really break out of its mold. You could throw a few giraffes up there, or maybe a moose. And some hippos.

Granted, I probably wouldn’t get my car washed for a hippo, either, but still … people love hippos!

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