September 28, 2016: Like Grumpy Father, Like Son…

I find it kind of amusing that I think Christopher hates getting up from his naps just about as much as I do.

Exhibit A is a good example of this because I should note that while it isn’t uncommon for him to sleep with his blanket over his head instead of the rest of his body like this … in this case he yanked it up in disgust shortly after I started harassing him that it was time to get up so that we could make our nightly trip to the hospital.

From his perspective, I can’t hardly blame him – nice, comfy bed and dreamland vs sitting around in the boring waiting room for two hours, running circles around the furniture and playing games on his iPad until we finally get to come home again…

At this point, *I* wouldn’t exactly mind just staying home in bed, either!

The whole thing’s got to be such a confusing process for him right now – first Mommy left to go stay at the hospital for a month and he only got to see her for about an hour each night. Now we all go to the hospital every day, but him and Dad just sit in this boring room while Mom disappears for a while. I’m sure he has next to no grasp of the whole Big Brother concept that’s emblazed on multiple t-shirts that we’ve paraded him around in at this point.

All he knows is that Mom and Dad are really stressed, and the house is a mess, but he gets to eat chocolate pudding and watch Mickey Mouse pretty much whenever he wants. 😛

I guess we’ll have to work on that in the weeks to come … particularly when it’s time to bring at least one of his new brothers home. But I suppose in the meantime if the kid wants an extra 10 minutes of sleep here or there, maybe we just give it to him.

It’s what his Dad would want, anyways!

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