October 3, 2016: All Together Now

It’s really easy to divide and conquer when you’ve got tons and tons of things on your family’s collective to-do list, however I’m starting to wonder if maybe that’s not necessarily always the best approach…

The last couple of weeks have been a little trying because although Sara’s been out of the hospital, her c-section scar is still healing and she hasn’t been able to drive until just the other day, meaning that on top of everything else I’ve been doing I’ve also had to drive Sara to doctors appointments and the NICU and anyplace else that she’s needed to go.

With that said, though, I’ve also noticed sort of a silver lining in being forced to spend so much time together, as it were, because we’ve kind of been doing our own thing playing the divide and conquer game over the past month and a half, with me focusing on Christopher and work and Sara taking care of herself and the unborn-at-the-time twins.

…which is fine up to a point because it technically got the job done and sometimes you’ve just got to do whatever it takes, but at the same time – especially as we watch our family rapidly growing here – I actually think that there’s more value in doing things as a family instead of splitting up to manage our time slightly better.

I’m sure it’ll be tough because I can easily see the desire to say – “Ok, you watch the twins while I take Christopher to go do XYZ thing…” – but at the same time, time together is valuable and not for nothing, but meltdowns are a little easier to handle when there’s two of us, too!!! No doubt there will be plenty of circumstances where we don’t have any other choice, but for those times that we do … even when it’s just errands or something kind of blah that one of us isn’t particularly eager about doing, I think it’s going to be worth the effort to try doing more things together with all of us.

Family bonding, here we come!!! 😉

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