October 1, 2016: Pizza Tonite!

Tonight didn’t turn out exactly like I would’ve expected…

The original plan was to head over to Disney Springs for some dinner and a little walking around, thinking that the fresh air might do all of us some good after the whole family has been sick for weeks at this point.

Instead, soon after we got in the car it started raining, and then raining some more. We kept checking back on the forecast through the drive over to Orlando because before we left it looked like it would be short-lived, but at times it was raining so hard that traffic actually slowed down on I-4 … which anyone who’s ever driven on I-4 can agree is pretty impressive!

A couple of deceptive windows led us to believe that maybe we could still salvage a small amount of time at Disney – not much for shopping and wandering, but certainly dinner and a cupcake, if you will! And then it poured some more, to where we decided it was time to cut our losses and instead find a dryer place to eat … so why not pizza?!

Fortunately Orlando has a Mellow Mushroom over on International Drive … in theory not far from where we were, save for the AWFUL traffic that we subsequently encountered which was coincidentally the only time that it didn’t rain! But still, Mellow Mushroom is awesome and it gave us a chance to enjoy a good meal that I’d been craving for a while, so that was nice.

Afterwards, we stopped at Walgreens before literally turning around and driving back home.

So basically we drove 120 miles out of the way to get pizza and not walk around Disney Springs … but sometimes these things happen, and hey, at least I got a really yummy pizza out of it. And Sara got ice cream, so happy wife, too!

Sometimes in the grand scheme of life, anything more than pizza and ice cream is just gravy … which coincidentally doesn’t go well with either of those foods at all… 😛

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