October 14, 2016: Doing Nothing With Matthew…

I can’t remember the last time I sat and did nothing for two hours straight, but that’s exactly what I did today…

…and I got to hold my other newborn son for the first time during it, so that was pretty cool, too! šŸ˜‰

Today was kind of ourĀ postponed anniversary,Ā with the intent of Christopher spending the night with his aunt and Sara and I catching up on some movies at the theater because weĀ neverĀ get to go anymore. Instead we only saw one movie and had a quick dinner after spending something likeĀ four hoursĀ at the NICU, but that’s ok because I got to share some special time withĀ my other sonĀ and relax a bit during the process, so all is good.

So far it’s always been really hard for me to look at Matthew just because he looks so frail compared to his brother David – all of the hoses and tubes that he still has that David has shed makes it very clear that he’s still really struggling. Yet I ended up holding him for upwards of two hours tonight – he can pretty much only be held skin-to-skin right now because otherwise he gets too cold, and they like to do that for at least an hour, but it turns out that they had some other meds to push to him after he was done “eating” so I ended up keeping him until all was said and done, even through shift change as his day nurse explained everything to his night nurse to hand him over…

And aside from the infrequent, but still random coughing fits that are still plaguing me like, err,Ā the plague,Ā it was nice and calm to sit there andĀ just quietly sitĀ for a while, my phone in my pocket and out of reach for the duration with only light conversation between Sara and the nurse taking place in the background.

Quiet time isn’t something that one tends to enjoy much when they have a toddler running around the house at the speed of fun, so lord only knows what we can expect when we’ve soon gotĀ three of these little hellions running wild!

Right now I’ll take whatever peace and quiet life affords me, even if comes with a ridiculous hospital bill … albeit one that I am thankfully not paying… šŸ˜‰

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