November 19, 2016: Quelling Construction Frustration

In a way, it’s really neat to see Christopher more actively playing with his Duplos as of late because right now he seems to love building these gigantic towers out of the plain 2×2 bricks with just as many of them as he can find!

However at the same time, more often than not it inevitably leads to a temper tantrum when they all come tumbling down because you can only build a 2×2 stack of bricks so high before it does exactly that…

So I’ve been trying to figure out ways to calm down the tantrums by showing him that everything breaking back down into smaller pieces is an opportunity to start anew and not just a cue to sit on the floor and throw bricks in every direction while pouting about your greatest creation to date crumbling to dust! Tonight we did this first by just taking the simple bricks and trying to build something a little more robust that wasn’t likely to be as prone to collapse.

After that, we took to building on his table that has base plates attached to it and I was kind of impressed by how much we built because before the process would pretty much go that I would build and he would immediately remove anything that I put down, as I was putting it down! But this time he was building right along with me, different structures to hold people and animals, and it’s kind of cool to see his own sense of creativity evolving as he gets older and learns more about colors and shapes and whatnot.


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