June 28, 2016: Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!

So this just in … it seems that Sevener House is going to be a kingdom of men because we finally found out at our latest ultrasound today that the twins are definitely boys!

I expect to find Sara and Cleo holed up in the bathroom with a tub full of bubbles alongside corresponding glasses of wine and kibble as they try to tune out the rest of us just demolishing the house one room at a time, you know, as us boys are wont to do… 😛

Of course, Sara and I made no secret that we were kind of hoping for one of each, both to round things out as well as help give us an outlet for all of the prerequisite Disney Princess garb that Christopher hasn’t been much interested outside of the magic wands that he likes to hit things/people with, anyways. But as they don’t exactly let you pick the gender … at least not for a few more years … we’ll take what we can get and be thankful for the opportunity that science has allowed us to grow a family of three strapping, young lads who are more likely than not going to drive us completely insane by the time we’re all said and done with it.

Insane with love, mind you! 😉

At this point I can only imagine…

  • How much milk and cereal we’re going to go through on a weekly basis…
  • How many times I can expect to slip and almost break my leg on 3x the toys in this house!
  • How in the world we’re going to parade three little boys around Disney World – at this rate we’ll pretty much be our own parade!

It’s both terrifying and exciting, just like it was last time, and to think that we’re really almost halfway through the process already (19 weeks), it’ll only be a few short months – I shall dub them our Summer of Sanity™ – left to tidy up the place and paint and move Christopher to his new bedroom and re-setup the nursery, and all of those other fun things that parents panic about as they prepare to welcome a new minion (or two?!) into their home!

Here’s to remembering to put the seat down…

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  1. Patti Malamas says:

    I am so happy for you! As I said before its keeping with the Malamas tradition of “my three sons”!

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