Feb 28, 2016: Cheesy Crescent Dawgs

My food preferences tend to alternate between those of a five year-old and a college kid. 

Pizza, grilled cheese, microwave nachos … it’s almost hard to believe my doctor has her own personal heart attack whenever I go in for my yearly checkup and she asks about my diet!

Tonight I made somewhat of a classic for dinner – pigs in a blanket … though I rarely actually call them that. You can see that I like to adult them up with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on top, plus some sharp cheddar slices for a little twist. 😉

This time I also experimented with a little onion and garlic powder, though admittedly I accidentally dumped on way too much and it sort of did a disservice to the final product. 

Don’t worry – tomorrow’s lunch is scheduled to be a frozen Totino’s Party Pizza … a bit harder for me to screw up!

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