April 7, 2017: I Hated Assassin’s Creed … I Think?

We just got done watching the Assassin’s Creed movie.

“How was it?” you ask?

I’m not sure because I only took in about 60% of the movie!

You see, I don’t speak Spanish, and given the historical context of this movie, there are a lot of scenes with ancient dudes speaking Spanish. No big deal – they’ve got subtitles, right?!

Sure, subtitles are great … when you’ve got somebody on the ball transcribing them, but the trouble with the subtitles in Assassin’s Creed are that apparently the guy who transcribed them didn’t speak Spanish, either!!!

Sorry, but “(man speaking in Spanish)” or “(group discussing important plot device in Spanish)” just doesn’t quite cut it. Almost comically, Sara was able to stumble through a couple of the intro sentences when she happened to recognize key words like BOY and whatnot, but the story quickly outgrew her three months of Rosetta Stone Spanish education and that was that.

Otherwise, the movie was really just so-so. I didn’t have super high expectations going into it anyways, with it being a video game movie and all, but hey, assassins are cool, right?!

Maybe this one was cooler if I had been able to speak Spanish – I don’t know, and now I never will… 😛

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