November 30, 2016: Introducing Scott’s Holiday Advent Blog!

This is a fun, little holiday project that I’ve been doing more or less for the past five years, so now that I’ve dedicated this site as my attempt at DAILY BLOGGING, I suppose it makes only sense that an advent blog of sorts would fit best over here rather than on my regular blog.

The idea is simple – every day I post something holiday-related, which for this site now means that posts for the next twenty-five days will be all Christmas, all of the time!

I used to think that it would be tough, even as much as I absolutely love Christmas, to write about it for twenty-five days in a row … and admittedly I did flub up a bit last year and not quite finish the task for 2015 … but between finding new ways to be nostalgic for the holiday each season and of course, the newfound joy of sharing the holiday with Christopher (not named after Christmas, I swear!), it’s seemed to work out 4 out of 5 years so I figured why not try for a sixth when we’ve got two new bodies added to the family plus Christopher reaching the age when I think his reactions to everything from Santa to Christmas morning are going to be a lot of fun!!!

If you want to check out my previous Advent Blogs, I do a summary post linking to everything that I’ve written each year on Christmas Day, so you can find all of those posts here:


Here’s to a happy month of holiday blogging that will hopefully keep me on track to be posting daily around here all the way into 2017. By the way, if you stumble across these posts and happen to also write some sort of Holiday Advent Blog yourself, drop me a comment here with the link – I’d love to read about how other writers celebrate the holidays and share their adoration for all things red, green, and gingerbread! 🙂

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