November 25, 2016: Sneaky, Sneaky

I suppose it’s a pretty good thing that my oldest* son is a very heavy sleeper.

* It’s so weird now having to actually specify that!

Anywho, my wife went out shopping last night for Black Friday, but on Thursday Night … why doesn’t this have a proper name yet??? … and came home with a bunch of toys for the kids. After showing me everything that she got, we decided that the best place to stash everything for now is in our guest bedroom that we’re currently in the process of repainting to become a kid bedroom…

Well it turns out that like roughly 60% of Christopher’s existing toys, a good number of the ones that Sara bought were toys that talk and sing and whatnot … which we learned right in front of Christopher’s bedroom door where he was sleeping on the other side of the gate on the floor as Sara fumbled to unlock the guest bedroom with shopping bags in both hands!

It was almost like an Abbott and Costello act, it was so perfectly choreographed, with one toy piping in with its bit just as the previous one had finally stopped, all the while our shoulders slinking lower and lower. It was like Cookie Monster had to get his two cents in, then this singing robot thing, then some random talking dog, and then the cycle would start all over again.

Maybe our parents’ generation had the right idea, with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs that didn’t say a word no matter who bumped them in the middle of the night or flipped a light switch that somehow triggered them that it was time to wake up and play…

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