November 15, 2016: Happiness Is … Always Having a Dry Towel Handy

Maybe Douglas Adams was right – you never leave home without your towel.

This cool fountain is in Downtown Tampa at Curtis Hixon Park and regardless of the time, or temperature, of day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen people not playing and running through it and just having a great time!

I was reminded of this after seeing a random photo on Facebook and remembered that I had taken a few myself back when we went downtown for Trick-or-Treating and never got around to sharing them…

I personally enjoy taking pictures of them at night, both because they light up in all sorts of neat colors, and also because I think they just look really cool with Tampa’s budding skyline glowing behind them in the distance. Frankly I’ve always loved going downtown in general for that part, I think because being surrounded by giant skyscrapers is so foreign to where I grew up.

But as for the interactive fountains, it’s funny how I always see people playing in these at theme parks or wherever, and they’re always having a great time, and yet all I can think is, “But how are you going to dry off afterwards?!”

As proven by this photo of Christopher that I took about a year ago of him playing in one of said fountains at Legoland, I suppose the real answer to that question is, “Who cares?! Mom packed me an extra set of clothes anyways! WATER IS FUN!!!” 😛


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