November 13, 2016: The Writer Writes Again!

Say what you will about all of the craziness that’s stemmed from politics over the last week, but at least it’s gotten me writing again… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been going back and forth a lot this year with regards to my writing, and what I really want to do, and having the motivation to actually do it, and all sorts of stuff along those lines. Of course, it hasn’t helped that recently I’ve:

  1. Had the flu (or something like it)
  2. Had twin boys who were born early and thus residing in the NICU
  3. Had some other random coughing fit that plagued me for like a month
  4. Had parental duties to myself for about a month when Sara ended up in the hospital early for pregnancy complications

I’d say that at least the last three months or so have been pretty chaotic, and as much as I’ve tried to write on and off to keep up with various projects and help myself through those times, there have definitely been some gaps where writing didn’t make the cut when trips to the hospital and day job work and keeping a child alive dominated my daily to-do list!

So in a way, looking back over the last week in search of the positive amidst everything else, I’m pretty proud of myself and all of the writing that I’ve done spread out against five projects:

In total, over the last seven days I wrote about 7,500 words across 14 posts, which don’t get me wrong is not really a high word count by any stretch of the imagination for a professional writer, but for a guy who’s been admittedly back and forth and not entirely on the ball with most of his creative projects lately, I’m pretty happy with that. Plus, I think I’ve managed to write a couple of pieces in particular – yesterday’s Thing-a-Day post and my editorial from after the election and even my humor column, if anybody got it – that ended up being some pretty good writing that I can also be proud of.

Anyways, next week is a new week and it’s hard to say if I’ll be as politically charged as I’ve been over the past one, but here’s to hoping that I can take some inspiration from last week to find that spark going forward so that maybe I can wander back to a creative place where I can be happy about cranking out more words like that on a regular basis. ๐Ÿ˜€

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