November 11, 2016: Little Shower Buddy

I’ve found myself taking comfort in the little things a lot the last couple of days. Last night it was running into a guy pulling a trio of small dogs around Walmart in a red wagon (?!), and today it was a quick, impromptu shower with my little buddy… šŸ˜‰

It’s funny how those things can lift your spirits when such heavy issues have been weighing you down … simple thingsĀ likeĀ taking turns gurgling water from the shower head until it tickles your mouth and makes you stopĀ orĀ repeatingĀ “Soap soap soap!”Ā over and over again as you teach the importance of cleanlinessĀ andĀ a new wordĀ at the same time!

I think it’s important that we continue to take solace in these small things that make us smile as we struggle with monumental changes like the ones that are facing our nation today because joy is important, and it renews us and refreshes us, and gives us the strength to keep fighting for the things that we believe in.

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