Mar 13, 2016: Oops, I Forgot


I didn’t realize until about 2:30am last night that I’d forgotten to do a post for Sunday, so instead you’re getting two posts today and one of them involves this fine picture of my breakfast.

I know that I’ve said it roughly a million times, but I’m trying to eat better and get my diet turned around. Especially with the thought of possibly two more kids coming on the distant horizon, seeing as I can barely keep up with one child now I can’t imagine myself chasing after three of these things without some sort of change to the way I’ve been doing things up until now…

Though it’s certainly easier said than done, my outlook on dieting the last couple of years has really been pretty straightforward – try to eat more real food and less stuff that comes out of boxes and packages and whatnot. It’s really hard for me to give up the foods that I crave like chips and pizza and microwave nonsense, so instead right now I’m trying to just start incorporating more of the good stuff into my diet like fruits & veggies & meat with the hope that over time they’ll be able to edge out the less than good stuff off of my prospective plates!

It’s something that I really hope that I can stick with and make a positive change around this time because I’d really like our house to be one where the kid(s) grow up with fresh snacks to munch on in the fridge instead of diverting straight to the cookies and chips and sodas that have given Sara and I so many problems over the years.

And the thing is, I feel a lot better munching on these strawberries than if I had torn through a package of Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts for breakfast instead … there’s more flavor and there’s way less calories in eating the actual fruit rather than the delicious toaster pastries. It just takes a little more effort because past experience has shown that fresh fruit will mold if I don’t eat it in time whereas Pop-Tarts will last basically forever … or at least they probably would if I left them alone in our cupboard for that long… 😛

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