July 9, 2016: Pokémon Go … Outside?!

I never really got into Pokémon and admittedly I know next to nothing about it except that it’s the most popular video game franchise of all time behind only Mario.

I know that little monsters are involved, and for some reason we’ve gotta catch ’em all, but that’s pretty much it! Still, social media has just exploded the last couple of days with everyone playing the new Pokémon Go, so I broke down and decided to give it a try … assuming that I could play the game entirely without leaving my office chair. 😛

The mechanics are actually kind of cool in how they make use of your location to determine what kind of Pokémon are around and then pull up your camera when you’re ready to try and catch one. Of course, this is where it got a bit limited for me because despite having more Pokémon roaming around the cracks and crevices of my house than its previous owners ever declared to us upon purchase, I haven’t really gotten out and about to play the game as it’s actually intended – by roaming around and being more social with other players and whatnot.

Phooey for that!

So who knows how long I’ll actually keep playing this thing. It’s somewhat entertaining and so far about a day in I’m still catching new stuff from this same spot, but it’s hard to tell if the novelty will wear off soon enough. Maybe it’ll add a new element if I ever do get off my butt and roam around like at Disney or something because it sounds like there are ways to have them fight at the gym or something? I don’t know!

At this point I’m just happy to have figured out in time for this post that the plural form of Pokémon is still Pokémon… 😉

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