July 16, 2016: Mr Cranky Pants

It seems that we’ve entered a stage of toddlerhood where naptime is of the utmost importance because whoa boy, watch out if he misses one!!!

That was the case today when Christopher spent most of the day out and about with Sara so that I could try to get some extra work done. They made it home just in time to miss naptime, so in order to avoid him having issues going to bed later on at night, we opted to skip said nap and just push on with the evening…

Which was, of course, A TERRIBLE MISTAKE.

I think we endured maybe 45 minutes of crying while we employed various tactics involving toys and songs and snacks until we eventually stumbled upon the aid of a furry, little red guy who managed to put smiles back on his face long enough for him to forget that he was cranky about not getting his nap!

Granted, when we went out to dinner shortly thereafter, we didn’t take any chances and pretty much handed over his iPad as soon as we sat down, which kept him occupied with god knows how many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we enjoyed a much needed chance to eat and breathe!

It’s just funny because not even a month ago, we’d be super liberal with his nap schedule, sometimes not putting him down until five or six and letting him sleep until nine or ten … though admittedly that did end up keeping him up well past midnight. But now that the wife is off work until after these babies arrive, she’s been trying to adjust his schedule to something that’s a little more manageable for her, meaning she wants him up by 10am, napping in the early afternoon, and then in bed by 10:30p or 11p.

Of course, it’s a huge adjustment for me, too, because I’m most definitely a night owl and will sleep half the day away only to be working at 4am if you let me, but I get why – especially if we’re going to have two more running around the house – we need to adapt more of a set time table for how this old house operates … if for no other reason than to avoid 45 minutes of non-stop crying like we saw this evening!

And I don’t even want to know what happens if more than one of them decides that they want to throw tantrums like that at the same time… 😯

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