July 14, 2016: I Eat My Sugar Cereal…

I probably shouldn’t be sitting here eating a bowl of sugar cereal at 3am right before going to bed, but here we are…¬†ūüėõ

Like any good kid of the ’80s, I grew up eating cereal while I watched cartoons in the morning. Frosted Flakes, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch – I had many favorites, and through their magical powers I fueled many a Saturday morning binge featuring the likes of Muppet Babies and Ghostbusters, both¬†real¬†and¬†whatever the heck that one with the ape was supposed to be!

It’s hard to believe that some¬†thirty years ago,¬†this same body of much smaller proportions was not only willing, but actually¬†eager¬†to get up early on the weekend so that I could partake in this rite of passage that would see fit to fill my toy box and my schoolyard talking points and countless nostalgic memories decades after the fact. Everyone remembers how awesome it was to sneak into the living room, punch bowl filled with cereal in hand while their parents were grateful for a few more hours of sleep as long as you were occupied – still in your jammies – by the magic TV box that served as our primary gateway to technology at the time.

Nowadays a kid wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to watch cartoons if he wanted to, though sadly our cereal delivery mechanisms still do need a bit of work, but I’m sure that being huddled under the covers watching¬†whatever the hell it is that kids watch for cartoons right now¬†on their own phone or tablet is probably just as cool as when we experienced it years and years ago on those giant CRT televisions.

I know that it’s late, and I shouldn’t be eating this despite the tiger on the box insisting,¬†“They’re gr-r-r-eat!”¬†with the same gentle enthusiasm that I remember as a boy, but maybe¬†just one cartoon¬†before bed wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

Being¬†a bit of a video game fan¬†during those days, too, Captain N was always a personal favorite! ūüėČ

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