July 11, 2016: Blogging by Candlelight

It’s weird to think that a little over a hundred years ago, people didn’t have electricity in their homes at all when here our power has been out for a little over an hour and I’ve already done all the writing I care to do, caught the Pokemon I care to catch, and now I’m ready to go to bed if the electric co. doesn’t get their butts in gear soon!

We just finished lighting a few candles around the living room so that we don’t have to sit here in complete darkness aside from the glow of our mobile devices. At one point the wife said, “Where can we go that isn’t too far away that will have AC?” and my response was, “…the car?”

Keep in mind that she is pregnant, so any sensory observations like it’s getting hot in here are experienced by her at roughly 1,000% the normal value! 😉

Just think, if we were living out on the farm right about now, this supreme darkness would’ve pretty much ushered everyone off to bed by now anyways, possibly doing a bit of light reading by candlelight before falling asleep to the sounds of the rain and the thunder, if anything praying that the rain would let up by morning because those farm chores have got to get done whether it’s storming outside or not! A day filled with hard, manual labor and honest work instead of tweeting lunch pictures and making fart jokes on the Internet … it sounds horrible, really. 😛

It sounds like the storm is quieting down now and most of it is behind us, and the room hasn’t been lit up by lightning in a while now, so hopefully that means the repair folks are mobilizing nearby and the gentle whir of electricity flowing through the walls around us will return soon enough to re-illuminate this house as if it were daytime again and restore the air conditioning that makes living in Florida during the summertime actually tolerable!

I kind of want to play Oregon Trail now, but I don’t know if I should be tempting fate until the lights come back up again…

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