Feb 26, 2016: Blogging Like Daddy

Christopher loves banging on the keyboards of the computers in my office. If we happen to leave the hallway gate open and he notices, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll find him peering up at my desktop as he merrily bangs away at the keyboard for what I figure is one of two reasons:

  • He’s destined to become a writer just like his Daddy.
  • Pushing buttons in general is a lot of fun when you’re two years old.

The other day I caught him just after he’d sent a barrage of gibberish text messages to his aunt because my Messages window with her just happened to be the one up on the screen when he managed to sneak into my office! So being the enabler that I am, today I gave him his very own keyboard that was an old, wireless hand-me-down that I used myself for the better part of a decade before finally replacing it. This way he can still button mash to his heart’s content, just with less unintentional text messages and tweets and Facebook posts than he’s scribed thus far in his budding career as a blogging toddler.

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  1. Lori says:

    I was actually on the phone at the time, and I have the horn notification set for text messages. So while I’m trying to talk to someone, I just hear a rapid-fire of “honky-honk, honky-honk!” in my ear. WTF??? Then I saw it was a special message or twenty from my nephew.

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