Feb 24, 2016: 26 Terabytes

It’s been a little over a year since I started my little media server project and rebooted the idea of having a home server to store media, docs, and local backups on. 

To think, what began on an old, discarded laptop and then migrated to my desktop hardware when I replaced it with my MacBook Air has since grown from a few hundred GBs of movies to 8 TB in starter drives, now up to a whopping 26 TBs spanning five physical disks – the latest being the brand new 6 TB drive that I just installed this afternoon!

I can’t even begin to say how much more convenient it’s been having all of our movies and TV shows and DVR recordings available on every device we have via Plex, having since relegated our entire DVD collection to a Christmas tree-sized tote out in the garage. 😉

Next step will be to move everything to rack mounted hardware with more power still … which will probably be a while because what I’m eyeing is kinda pricey, but works in progress are always fun, too!

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