December 6, 2016: Dancing Under the Snow!

Lately we’ve been trying to break Christopher of his fear of loud noises and bright lights, namely because we’re over at Disney a lot and we tend to stay for fireworks and a visit just isn’t complete until after fireworks … plus we’re going to be over there for our Christmas vacation pretty soon and it’s fair to presume that we’ll likely take in a show every night that we’re there…

So tonight we wandered back to our local Symphony in Lights show at the nearby mall because we have company in town, and this time because Sara was handy to provide an extra set of hands, and so we found ourselves quixotically dancing under the falling snow while the lights sparkled behind us … and at least for a couple of minutes, I think we managed to help the little guy forget about how scared the loud music and all makes him.

It’s interesting to observe because even when we’re watching something like IllumiNations or Wishes, though he’ll be clinging onto me with his face buried in my shoulder for the duration of the show, when I position him so that he can still peek out and see everything, he watches pretty intently despite his little winces whenever one of the particularly loud bursts goes off … especially the fire!

Which makes hibachi, another family favorite, a bit of a challenge, too, but if we can teach this kid all of his shapes and colors and letters and numbers, I suppose overcoming a fear of delightful fireworks is something that we can handle, too. 😉

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