December 29, 2016: Clear the Clutter

Tonight is the first night in about 2-3 months that I’ve been able to walk through my office without steering around and climbing over boxes, and I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels!

Ever since the twins were born, my office has become a dumping ground for everything getting shuffled around as we worked to move Christopher’s bedroom so that the twins could take over his old room. And then on top of that, piles upon piles of Christmas decorations and presents to be wrapped pretty much resulted in a room that more closely resembled a cluttered storage area than someplace where anyone would actually go to get real work of any capacity done.

Well now that Christmas is behind us and said child relocation has more or less completed, I finally had enough wiggle room to rearrange stuff – not to the nice, organized state that my office has literally never been – but at least to give myself a bit of a walkway again so that I can actually get from my desk to the door without acrobatic skills being required…

…and it seems simple, but already I feel like the mood has kind of changed into something a little less stressful and more conducive to getting things done. I’ve heard of various books talking about clearing up the clutter in your life, but I never would’ve thought that something as minor as taking fifteen minutes to rearrange boxes and clear a path would have that kind of a positive impact.

I mean, I guess it makes sense in the same way that you feel good after the kitchen or the playroom has been cleaned … despite knowing inside that it’s going to return to its otherwise grungy self in roughly 12 hours or less.

I think next up to tackle on my list, though, is my desk. Or maybe the file cabinet. I suppose they kind of go hand in hand anyways, and can you imagine how productive I could be if both got cleaned at the same time?!

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