August 4, 2016: Water, Water Everywhere, Still Not Enough to Drink…

Thank god we get a new water delivery tomorrow because we’ve been anticipating this one for the last two weeks!

Apparently we’ve been going through a ton of water this summer … likely because rewind to this time a month ago, we tried to stretch our last bottle too long and my pregnant wife ended up in the hospital for dehydration. 😯

Since then, we’ve taken the perspective that a couple of extra bottles of water are still cheaper than another trip to the hospital, and so in July we managed to drink five weeks worth of water in about three, thus resulting in several trips to the store for jugs with which to refill our dispenser until our August delivery finally arrives TOMORROW!!!

It should be interesting to see how we fare this month – normally we get six 5-gallon bottles a month and this time I upped it to eight…

…though as I lay here in bed, in hindsight math may still have failed me because in total I bought five 2.5-gallon jugs extra last month…

And 10 is still less than 12.5 gallons extra. 

Stay partially thirsty, but still hydrated enough to stave off dehydration, my friends. 😉

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