August 22, 2016: So Where Were We?


It’s been a busy summer. And by busy, I mean chaotic and stressful and at more times than not just downright exhausting.

As a famous duck once said, “Life is like a hurricane…” 😛

Of course, all of this centers around our pregnancy … which to say the very least, could be going better.

Right now my wife is 27 weeks pregnant with twins. One baby is growing perfectly fantastic, the other … not so much. We knew going into this whole thing that it was going to be challenging, between IVF and high risk factors and then adding multiples on top of that, but it doesn’t help with the fact that right now there’s a very real chance that we could lose either one or both of the babies before or even after they’re born…

For those of you playing along at home, 40 weeks is about the optimal time that you want to simmer a baby before bringing them out into the world, so right now we’re still a good three months away, however yesterday we checked Sara into the hospital to keep a closer watch on further complications and the chances of us getting to full term are slim to none:

  • Her original due date falls sometime in November.
  • Because of twins, we were expecting to deliver at the end of October.
  • But now with things going the way they’re going, we just want them to stay inside and keep growing as long  as possible.

We could be talking about a delivery this week or possibly next month … your guess is as good as mine. I guess we’re doing everything that we can do, but it’s very up in the air and just makes you feel incredibly helpless as you watch the calendar slowly pass. The best way I can think to describe it is like when Christopher was in the NICU after he was born three weeks early, although admittedly I don’t think his risk was nearly as great as these ones have now.

Of course, during all of this life must still go on – work needs to get done, bills need to be paid, and our existing child occasionally needs to be fed. I think I’m going to take up juggling because that seems appropriate given my current routine! Right now the house is eerily quiet with Sara at the hospital, Christopher still asleep in bed, and the dog laying next to me loyally licking herself like she always does.

Anything to maintain some sense of normality, I suppose…

So anyways, life right now is very much a series of unpredictable days where I’ve all but given up on planning because it seems that anything I plan gets promptly thrown out the window regardless! I’m trying not to think about the worst case scenarios even though they loom in the back of my head more or less constantly. Listening to my wife’s nurse walk through their standard questionnaire about emergency blood transfusions and living wills is a rather sobering experience that tends to push anything else that you thought was a priority off to the side.

Really all we can do right now is wait and see what happens, which sucks … but here we are.

I think that pretty much catches us up. 😉

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